Commercial Property Management Services

Rosemark’s primary strength is the combined 75 years of experience in commercial property management services.

The principals of the company, our Chairman, President and Vice President of Government Operations, each have over thirty years of experience in property management.  In addition, these principals have under their combined portfolio managed over 42 million square feet in 52 cities and 21 states.

Rosemark has the creativity, insight and infrastructure necessary to manage, operate and maintain properties in an efficient, economical, and valued-added manner.


Our Commercial Property Management Services


Our property support services include comprehensive commercial property management, building operations and maintenance services, HVAC preventive maintenance and repair, office cleaning services, and landscaping services.  Our administrative support consists of qualification of potential tenants, the management of leases, and collection of rent, common area maintenance reimbursements and tax and insurance reimbursements from tenants on behalf of the owner.

Rosemark’s commercial management portfolio includes residential/ multi-family management, commercial management, facilities management, shopping center and mall management.

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