Transit Operations & Maintenance Services

Rosemark has direct hands on experience performing operations and maintenance of transit facilities (both bus and rail) including start up activities.

Our company employs qualified technicians that are experienced with Transit Facilities & Equipment, including preventive maintenance and corrective repair of the following types of Bus/Rail transit facilities and equipment:

  • Vehicle Washing Equipment (including SMART & SPRITE washes)
  • Unleaded Fuel Tanks (up to 20,000 gallons/tank)
  • Diesel Fuel Tanks (up to 20,000 gallons/tank)
  • Algae & Microbial Fuel Tank Testing
  • Experience in various customer provided Transit CMMS
  • Fuel Tank Treatment
  • Smart Controllers – Fuel
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Proximity Sensors (for fueling lanes)
  • Fast Fuel Nozzle (special nozzle type that fuels transit busses)
  • Unleaded & Diesel (gantries, pumps, nozzles)
  • Automated Fuel and Fluid Dispensing & Inventory Systems
  • Tank Monitoring Systems
  • DEF Totes & Pump
  • Oil/Water Separators
  • Trench Drains & Sand Traps
  • Sludge Testing/Removal
  • Environmental Licensing & Permits for Transit Facilities
  • Portable Lifts – Stertil Koni & Sefac (Both for busses and trains)
  • In ground hydraulic bus lifts
  • Lube & ATF dispensing mechanisms & Nozzles
  • Bus Exhaust Venting system
  • Brake Lathe machines
  • Waste Oil Tanks
  • Fall Protection Systems (for bus mechanics)
  • High Powered Pressure washers for vehicle washing
  • Water Conservation remediation for vehicle washes
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Generators
  • UPS Systems
  • Elevators


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